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•Versatile tool for house, construction, conversions, renovation work, etc. with a large, clear backlit LCD display.

•5-IN-1 multi functions: 1. Ultrasound distance measurement of approx. (m): 0.6 - 16 with area, volume, addition and subtraction calculator - 2. Metal detection up to a depth of approx.  38mm.  3. Electric AC cable wire detection up to a depth of approx. 35mm. 4. Wooden foundation or stud detection up to a depth of approx. 24mm.  5. Built-in marking laser up to 3m range including spirit level for aligning tiles, suspended cupboards, etc.

•Built-in laser pointer helps you to identify the testing surface.

•Built-in bubble level helps to aim the tool straight to the testing surface.

•Built-in memory saves the last measurements.

•LCD and audio signal indicate precisely when the edge of a stud has been found.

LOCATING CONCEALED OBJECTS Detect Mode: Stud, Metal, ACWIRE Max. Detecting Depth: 24mm (1 in.), 38mm (3/2 in.), 35mm (11/8 in.)
LASER MARKING Laser Class: Class II, maximum power out<1mW
DISTANCE MEASURE Measuring distance: 0.6m - 15m (2ft - 50ft) Battery: 9V DC, with low battery indicator Wavelength:630-670 nm Optimum operation temperature range: -2°C to 45°C Laser class: Class II, maximum power out<1mW Auto shut off: 30 seconds after last key stroke Measurement point: Bottom of the instrument Multiple measurements of length, area and volume Calculation and storage of measure data
Storage temperature -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
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